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About us

Why Reggie's Pet Lovers.

Having a canine companion can be one of the most richly rewarding experiences of our lives. Our dogs continually show us their love and loyalty and are a source of comfort and cheer. Dogs require very little to lead happy, healthy and well-adjusted lives.


Regular exercise is so important for all dogs to be fit and healthy in body and mind. Play activity is vital for all dogs, whether new puppies or senior citizens. It encourages social bonding with other dogs as well as with human families. Dogs, being pack animals, need companionship! Dogs who are left alone suffer from boredom and separation anxiety which can lead to many destructive behaviors.

Owner:  Regina, Owner of Reggie's Pet Lovers, founded in 1990, Guided by her love for animals, Regina took her business experience and started Reggie's Pet Lovers, With 34 years experience in dog grooming and became a Master Groomer. She is an accredited pet sitting Technician.
Through  Reggie's Pet Lovers, Regina and her staff has provided a home away from home that raised the standard of pet care.
( Help Wanted - Reggie's Pet Lovers is looking for an experienced groomer. Please call for more information. )

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